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If we have been provided a GP referral letter and a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) we can provide bulk billed appointments with no out of pocket cost. 

On average, we may be able to  provide you an appointment within one to two weeks, however, we do also offer a cancellation list where we may be able to provide you an appointment sooner.

Typically appointments are approximately 50+ minutes. So please have a quiet area where you are ready to receive the call.

Under a mental health care plan you can have a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year. However, your initial referral is typically for 6 sessions. So you may be required to return to your GP for your new referral to use all the eligible sessions under your mental health care plan. Please note for bulk billed appointments, we book one appointment at a time and you can keep rebooking at the end of each appointment until the end of your referral period.

We do offer both phone and video appointments. Please ask our admin staff if you are interested in video calls and we can assist you. All of our therapists also offer a normal phone call to have your session.

For bulk billed appointments, we provide your GP with a treatment summary at the end of you referral period. Any additional requests for letters or reports would be subject to an out of pocket expense. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific requests or require a quote.

Yes we can. Work Cover clients require a GP referral letter and work capacity certificate with valid treatment dates. NDIS clients who are plan managed are also welcome to use our service. Please contact our staff for a service agreement.

As we do not take pre-payment for our bulk billed appointments, we do require clients to confirm and attend their scheduled appointments. We will send you a reminder SMS 5 days before each upcoming appointment and a confirmation SMS the day before. Please provide at least 2 business days notice to cancel or reschedule as our cancelation fee the day before the appointment is $25 and on the day, $50.

Yes, once we receive your referral letter and mental health care plan, our admin staff will discuss with you which therapists we have available and will assist you in making an appointment at the most convenient time for you. At the end of each appointment you can keep rebooking with the same therapist or call us and our admin staff can discuss other therapists of ours to try. Please note, not all of our therapists are listed on our website so please call us to explore all of our options for treatment.

All of our appointments are in English. However, government translation services may be available and additional costs may apply.

Yes, all of our bulk billed telehealth appointments can be provided for you anywhere in Australia. Please ensure you have reception for your call.

Yes, all of our bulk billed appointments are via telehealth (either phone or video).