Our Team

Please be advised this is for illustrative purposes only as this does not display our full roster of therapists. We contract clinical and general psychologists as well as accredited mental health social workers (MHSW). All of our therapists provide approved psychological focus strategies 

We typically assign the first available therapist and patients have the flexibility to change therapists throughout their treatment.

Matthew Dara
Matthew Dara

Founder, Managing Director

Matthew has a Bachelor of Psychological Science from Griffith University and Biomedical Science from Bond University. Gateway Home Psychology Service is the product of an aim to provide quality qualified mental health management and treatment without cost to the general public. He believes mental health treatment is necessary for people of all walks of life, especially the most vulnerable. Matthew provides primarily an administrative role to our service.

Gregory Moore


Gregory Moore graduated as a mature aged Mental Health Social Worker in 2002 at the University of South Australia. After graduation he worked closely with people in aged care and also people with brain injuries. Since 2005, Gregory has worked as a Social worker in a private practice.

He specializes in:

– Relationship Counselling

– Anger Management

– Men’s Health

– Group Work

Margaret Douglas

General Psychologist

Margaret graduated from Griffith University in 2002 with a Bachelorof Behavioural Science; Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) &Graduate Diploma of Counselling. She has worked in communityagencies, non for profit agencies, Government departments and alsoa Private Practice. Her interests are as follows:

– Alcohol and Drug abuse

– Couples Counselling

– Positive Psychology

– Grief and Loss

– Relationships

– Mindfulness

– Self-esteem

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Trauma

Chris Blatch

Forensic Psychologist

Chris became a registered psychologist in 1978. Qualifications include a BA
(counselling and research) from Wollongong University; a 1st Class
Psychology Honours degree from Macquarie University and a Masters in
Forensic Psychology from University of NSW. She has primarily worked with
New South Wales Departments of Health (25 years) and Corrective Services
(16 years) and has held research psychologist roles with the Commission for
Children and Young people and Sydney University. Chris has been in a
private practice (Glebe Psychology Services), since 2006 and was also
employed as a consultant with Duffy Barrier and Robilliard, Psychologists, in
Chris is committed to accessible, affordable and evidenced based psychology
services, particularly for the disadvantaged and vulnerable. She enjoys
working with Indigenous peoples and with offenders to prevent recidivism.
She likes to deliver mental health services with warmth, empathy and humour
and uses a range of psycho- therapeutic approaches. Interest areas include:
– Domestic abuse, intimate partner control and violence
– Drug and alcohol dependencies and abuse issues
– Post-Traumatic Stress, anxiety and panic disorders
– Self-esteem and empowerment
– Relaxation training and stress management
– Communication skills and assertiveness training
– Grief and bereavement
– Anger management
– Obsessive compulsive disorder
– Parenting skills and child management
– Pregnancy and postnatal depression
– Relationship issues and family conflicts
– Sexual dysfunction

CSNSW’s Domestic Abuse Program was awarded an Australian Crime and
Violence Prevention Award in 2012. Her team’s evaluation of this intervention,
was published last year*.
Chris’s private practice focuses on female offenders with dual diagnoses and
complex needs. She is a visiting fellow to the University of New South Wales
(UNSW) forensic psychology program. Her previous NSW Health roles were
in research, policy, hospital and service planning areas; the last being Director
of Policy, Planning and Service Delivery, NSW Pregnancy and Newborn
Services Network.

Andre Stewart

Andre is a Mental Health Accredited AASW registered Social Worker with over 20 years’ experience in the field.

During this time, he has attained experience in mental health assessments, therapeutic intervention and support, case management and counselling. Andre has worked within numerous established multidisciplinary teams effectively treating a variety of complex clients of all ages and backgrounds. Andre also has numerous degrees which includes a master’s degree in Mental Health and in Counselling.

Jill Kidd


Jill specialises in:

– Providing therapy to children and their families 

– Community work experience in networking, developing programs to assist those who are disadvantaged either mentally, socially and/or physically 

– Networking with other related providers and agencies, in partnership, to develop and enhance early detention/intervention strategies and community development programs, resources and information focused on the health and well-being of young people and their families  

Bernadette Martin

Registered Psychologist
Works with adults (18+)

Bernadette is now in her 20th year as a practicing registered psychologist and has worked with a diverse range of adults between 18 and 94 years of age, presenting with an array of backgrounds and therapeutic needs throughout Western Australia, Melbourne and Canberra.

Having worked not only in private practice, but also for government, non-government and not for profit agencies, Bernadette has accumulated a solid foundation of experiential knowledge and wisdom.

Whilst Bernadette is broadly read and experienced in a range of evidence-based approaches, she draws primarily on the pragmatic and compassionate approach of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Bernadette is also a Trauma Counsellor and has considerable experience
working with Veterans and their families, as well as the general community presenting with past and present trauma experiences. Whilst Bernadette does not offer couples counselling or family counselling, she is able to offer relationship counselling and parenting strategies.

Bernadette is adept at helping clients with issues such as anxiety with or
without panic attacks, depression, life transitions, adjustment, existential crises, workplace stress, bullying, generalized stress, social anxiety, shyness, relationship breakdowns, low self-esteem, interpersonal difficulties, conflict resolution, communication strategies, healthy anxiety, intra-familial distress, managing difficult people and more