Our Team

Please be advised this is for illustrative purposes only as this does not display our full roster of therapists. We contract clinical and general psychologists as well as accredited mental health social workers (MHSW). All of our therapists provide approved psychological focus strategies 

We typically assign the first available therapist and patients have the flexibility to change therapists throughout their treatment.

Matthew Dara
Matthew Dara

Founder, Managing Director

Matthew has a Bachelor of Psychological Science from Griffith University and Biomedical Science from Bond University. Gateway Home Psychology Service is the product of an aim to provide quality qualified mental health management and treatment without cost to the general public. He believes mental health treatment is necessary for people of all walks of life, especially the most vulnerable. Matthew provides primarily an administrative role to our service.

Gregory Moore


Gregory Moore graduated as a mature aged Mental Health Social Worker in 2002 at the University of South Australia. After graduation he worked closely with people in aged care and also people with brain injuries. Since 2005, Gregory has worked as a Social worker in a private practice.

He specializes in:

– Relationship Counselling

– Anger Management

– Men’s Health

– Group Work

Margaret Douglas


Margaret graduated from Griffith University in 2002 with a Bachelorof Behavioural Science; Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) &Graduate Diploma of Counselling. She has worked in communityagencies, non for profit agencies, Government departments and alsoa Private Practice. Her interests are as follows:

– Alcohol and Drug abuse

– Couples Counselling

– Positive Psychology

– Grief and Loss

– Relationships

– Mindfulness

– Self-esteem

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Trauma

Joanne Rynsdorp


Joanne holds a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master in Counselling and a Master in Health. She has worked with many private, community and government agencies, supporting clients and families with mental health issues, relationship, workplace and employment related issues.

Joanna is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker and specialized in mental health, family intervention, child protection and other workplace programs. She is passionate in working with the disadvantaged communities in helping them obtaining their full potentials.

Nifesi Osiyemi

Nifesi is an accredited mental health social worker with the AASW. He has skills and knowledge in the application of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and schema therapy to treatment and recovery from mental health issues including mood disorders, anger management, relationship issues, eating disorders, and other mental health concerns.


Nifesi brings a certain warmth and genuineness to his practice with our clients. He believes in the uniqueness of everyone’s recovery journey and aims to create a safe space where people can develop helpful strategies to accept and change challenging emotions, thoughts and behaviours. He is looking forward to working with you!

Cherelle Evans


Cherelle Evans, Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.

Cherelle holds a Bachelor of Arts (Social Welfare) and Bachelor of Social Work (First Class Honors)and is accredited as a mental health clinician by the Australian Association of Social Workers. As a practicing clinician Cherelle has had a varied career including at a tertiary level social work and individual therapy for a wide range of presenting issues and mental health concerns. Her areas of specialty and interest in private practice include

– working with people who have experienced trauma and attachment disruption

– grief and loss, pregnancy, depression, anxiety, young people and aged care. 

Cherelle has a particular interest in clinical social work, recognizes the broader implications of an individual having a mental illness including specific psychological, biological, socioeconomic and environmental dimensions. Her therapeutic framework is psychotherapy with interventions including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psycho-education, mindfulness and skills training.